Breed Specialty Show Mladá Boleslav, CZ 30.04.2022

I really like to go to the Club n Breed Shows. A lot of breed fanciers there and of course a lot of entries. There were two of our pack entered the Specialty: Geenooo (Bamm-Bamm Alpha Nero) & Máša (Leyu Sammy) both in the winners' classes and I decided to join the brace competition for the very first time also.

The judge was Mr. Jens Bruse from Germany. It was very lovely, gentle but strict judging. Geenooo was out of coat at that time and although he matures very lovely, he still looks a little bit juvenile. He was awarded as excellent 3rd. For me, he did very well in the ring, nice concentrated on me and so was on the table. An important experience for him.

Well, about Máša now:

Máša looked fantastic, was in a very very full coat condition and I have to say, she had HER day. She was presenting herself as a pro and she moved fantastic with an extraordinary concentration on herself :o)