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CAC Jubilejní národní výstava - "Třicítka", Brno, 03.12.2022

The last major exhibition event of 2022 was the Extraordinary Jubilee National Dog Show, organized for the thirtieth anniversary of the founding of ČMKU - Třicítka. The extraordinary title, Jubilee National Winner 2022, was to be awarded, and the judges were exclusively our Czech judges - Mr. Petr Řehánek was delegated to be a schipperke breed judge there.

I secretly really wanted to win the Jubilee title... That's why I signed up everyone from our team. But Žlutina was due, so in the end, she stayed at home, and there were shown only Máša, who was performed in the open class (I scattered them so that they wouldn't shy away from Žlutina) and Geenooo at the Jubilee Dog Show.

Geenooo managed to grab the dream JNV title, but to my great and pleasant surprise, that was not all, because later he also managed to reach the BOB!! I did not hide my joy... Thank you very much for that! A great experience and an honorable place on the shelf :D

Both of them were then registered in the best brace competition, which of course also has its own story! Maša did not disappoint again:

In the pre-judging ring - all went great. She showed herself beautifully, was attentive, did not emit, stood, and generally behaved in an exemplary manner. Standard jeans, sometimes he sat down, but still in contact with me... until the moment when I didn't let her to bite the treat, but only to sniff it. And hell began: So you don't want to treat me?! Well, let's see who needs whom more...

At first, she turned away, offended.

Then she tried to choke. It didn't work - sorry. So she tried to cough. Bad luck, baby.

I can't walk!! You can! Come on, and leave it at that.

Hmmm, good - I'll lose my ear then. She deliberately slowed down in the ring when running, nudged the Geenoo, which surprisingly rolled forward nicely, and then when we stopped... she glued ther ears back to the head. And disinterest: Take a break. You should have given me a treat! Now I don't want it anymore.

After all, she felt she shot too much, so she raised one ear sometimes. But only one and only for a moment, so it doesn't look like she's gone soft. And we were shortlisted... So she already saw that she was getting into trouble and tried everything possible - she separated herself from Geenooo, bumped into him, and braked into a corner.

Even so, I feel very good about it all (except for myself, but that's another chapter). Masha, you are a really special cutie rocker!

photo credit: Hajek Photography

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