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CAC Mladá Boleslav, 18.07.2022

This dog show had its own "first time": I entered a brace competition! Apparently, under the impression of how we succeeded at the club a few months ago (well, there were Máša and Geenoo together), I thought that it would be an easy walk in the park with Žlutina. Error. When I just tried it out with them on the walk, I found out that Žlutina definitely doesn't want to walk away from me and won't let herself be directed anywhere. All I had to do was order a handling lesson for couples :D

Anyway, we really like it in Mladá Boleslav, we like it there a lot! Geenoo won CAC, National winner and BOS and Žluti in very piggy condition CAC. At least her head doesn't get fat... She got praise for that.

In the afternoon, we bravely set off for the best brace competition. A contest where nothing is at stake. No points for year-round competitions, no competition in the breed, just a fun competition. Again a mistake! I was slightly shocked by the behavior of some competitors, such as pushing the dogs, placing dogs in close proximity to other dogs, disturbing the opponent's dogs by stomping on them and their backs, and hands with treats over the backs of the opponent's dogs, very, very loud encouragement of the dogs being shown by the handler, by which he disturbed others, etc., etc., etc. I know all this, they are such "fair" practices from the circles.. but WHY on earth does this happen at a couples' competition?! Trophies. Visibility. The self. It is not about any breed, its presentation, or morphological differences between the sexes. I don't mean referees, I mean those who lead them. However, the disappointment of the preliminary round was soon replaced by euphoria, as we were shortlisted for the top five! And then they chose three. And we went home :D

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