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Dog Puller: Toušeňská "120", 09.07.2022

The proposals for the race were more than tempting!

It will only be raced in RUNNING. Each team will take a total of 2 times and each time they will compete in 60-second runs. The total number of points will be added up. The team with the most points wins. The first three places will be awarded. Category: dogs up to 40 cm, dogs over 40 cm, High drive (Boc, Bom, Kelpie, Mudi).

So I signed up Žlutinda and took Perónka as a cuckoo again. Perda tried it out after the end of the race - and I watched like a fool, flying for the puller and back with the puller! A strange place, with strange people and dogs, and he messed up! Blood is not water. That's right :o)

Unfortunately, this time there were penalty points on my account: I wasn't able to throw the puller correctly, and thus I made everything as complicated as possible for Zlutince. But Zlůťa never lags in anything, so just to be sure, before the end of one set, she pulled a puller over her head to her neck and stuck one pack through there. And in all of this, she kept holding him and wanted to get out at all costs. If she could talk, it would probably look something like this:

Zlu: Well, you spoiled it for me, mom! Learn to throw kindly. If you don't flip the pitch, I can hardly save it, can I?

Me: Well, Žlutinka, you didn't have to put the puller on your head and put your paw through it, did you...

Toušeňská 120 (2x 60s DogPuller Running), #Žlůťa 3rd place!

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