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(bred by us)

*06. 08. 2018, brood bitch

Sire:   Revloch Ed Turner At Dencas (IRL/GB)

(Monterrez Guardian (AUS/GB)  x   Monterrez Jingle Bell For Hantreved (AUS/GB)

Dam:    Leyu Sammy (our Masha)

(Ebony Sands In The Black With Seasun (USA)  x  Sandevel's Badass Girl From Chicago (USA))



Žluti is also nose-tail checked, some test provided by the  certain age.

Mass:   5,1 + 5,3 kg

Joints:   HD-A, ED-0/0, OCD-neg., SA-0, PL-0/0

Eyes:  OK - neg. '23, '20, '18

Thyroid:  not provided yet

DNA profil: verified parentage 

Genetic / DNA: MPS IIIB - clear by parentage (CBP), PRCD / DM - clear, vWD - carrier

Fluffy gene: FGF5 - GG (free)

Coat color traits:  EE / KBKB / atat / DD / BB (dominant black)

Complete genetic panel by:  Embark (also incl. clear of MDR1, PLL, HUU etc.)

Sport / Tests: 

Žluti is a sport-dog. Very attentive, easy to motivate and  venal. She loves to cooperate. Her life-motto sounds: I am everywhere and nowhere at one time.  So she has relative low excitability threshold and is easy to be distracted.  She is hunter. Just hunter, not killer: run - catch and stop+ utilizable during herding.  Žluti trains Obedience, Agility, Herding, Dogdancing and Dog Puller :D Let's hoep she get some achievements. 

CSAU - Certificate de Sociabilite et Aptitude a l'Utilisation (CFCBB 2019, F) - very good

CANT - Certificat d'Aptitude s Naturelles au Troupeau (CFCBB 2019, F) - excellent

NHAT FCI - Natural Herding Aptitude Test (2020, CZ) - excellent


It makes everyone happy to show Zluti, as she has a strong food-drive. It is not necessary to be in the spotlight for her.  An imaginary bubble is suffitient when her God-human in the middle.  

CIB, GrandChampion CZ - CMKU Champion - Champion of the Czech Republic - Hungary - Club Champion
Junior Champion CZ - Junior Champion Austria - Club Junior Champion  - Junior Club Winner - Bundesjugendsieger A - National Winner - 6x BOB - BOS - CACIB - BOJ - Cruft's Q


Žluti is very active, easy to motivate, venal, smart, quick to learn and very fast.  Almost not barking at all, except guarding her own place, things or food. Playfull.  Loves fetch & bring whatever it is. Suspicious of foreigners until she gets any titbit. One and only guru for her it is our old Malinois Dargo. She loves him to the moon and back!  Loves to swim. Hates cats.  Bird and squirrel hunter - every hunt ends unter a tree :o) Her play is rough, terrier-like. She is an excellent mother with very strong natural instincts. No assistance during mating or at giving birth to pupps needed. She would lay down her life for her puppies. 

Distinguishing mark: Waggy tail :D

Zluti 2020
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