Our FourPaws Team: Two Schipper Girls & Malinois

There are two Schipper-girls in our crew - one imported from Russia but with 100% US blood Masha (Leyu Sammy), then her daughter Žluti (Aero Alpha Nero) carying blood of her Australian and English ancestors, and one Schipper-boy, the son of Zluti, Geenooo (Bamm-Bamm Alpha Nero), the natural bob-tail puppy-boy.
Till July 12, 2021 all of them were quarded by our Malinois-oldie Dargy (Dargo Novterpod), one of the most versatil exterieur Mals with pure Czech blook.

All of our 4-paw team members were, are and hopefuly will be universal representatives of their breeds: visiting not only dog shows but dog sports also (like Sport-dog, Herding, Obedience, Agility, Frisbee or even Dogdancing), some of them were therapy-dogs also. For more details click on the picture :o)


Ch Leyu Sammy
aka Masha, *2015

  • Sport/Tests: CSAU - TAN

  • Health: OFA47G, OFEL47, OFPA47
    HD-A, ED/OCD/SA-0, PL-0/0 (47mo)
    Thyroid - OK ('20,'19, '18), Eyes - OK ('20,'18)

  • OFA: The Canine Health Information Center

  • DNA: profile + Embark completely tested (clear)
    MPSIIIB / PRCD / DM / MH - clear

  • FCI: International Beauty Champion CIB

  • Grand Champion: CZ

  • Champion: CZ + HU + IL + SK + UA + CMKU + Club + HU-Show

  • JuniorChampion: CZ + Club

  • Other: Europasieger VDH (D) - Bundessieger (A)
    Club Winner 
    (CZ) - Club Junior Winner (CZ)
    Specialty Winner (CZ) - National Winner (CZ)
    14x BOB - 13x CACIB

  • More info needed? Click her picture! :o)


Ch Aero Alpha Nero
aka Zhluti, *2018

  • Sport/Tests: NHAT - CSAU - CANT

  • Health: HD-A, ED/OCD/SA-0, PL-0/0 (19mo), Eyes - OK ('20,'18)

  • DNA: verified profile
    Embark completely tested (vWD1 carrier)
    MPSIIIB / PRCD - clear by parentage

  • FCI: International Beauty Champion CIB

  • Champion: CZ + HU

  • JuniorChampion: CZ + AT + Club

  • Club Junior Winner (CZ)Other:

  • Bundesjugendsieger (A)
    National Winner (CZ)
    4x BOB - BOS - 4x CACIB - BOJ

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Bamm-Bamm Alpha Nero
aka Geeno-Orangino, *2020

  • Health: Eyes - OK ('21)

  • DNA: profile + verified parentage + Embark  completely tested (clear)
    MPSIIIB / PRCD / DM / vWD1- clear

  • Other: res. BIS Puppy In Club Show Mikulov 2021 - Hungarian Puppy Grand Winner
    2x CAJC CZ - CAC CZ - CAC ČMKU - Natonal Winner - BOB

  • More info needed? Click his picture :o)