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(bred by us)​

*10. 11. 2020, HOT NEW - AT STUD !!

Sire:    Beadale This Is My Time, nbt (AUS)

(Monterrez Universal Soldier (AUS)  x   Beadale Jette Diamond (AUS)

Dam:    Aero Alpha Nero (our Žluti)

(Revloch Ed Turner At Dencas (IRL/GB) x Leyu Sammy (RUS/USA), our Máša)



Žluti is also nose-tail checked, some tests provided by the certain age.

Mass:   7 kg (08/21)

Joints:   too young yet

Eyes:  OK - neg. '21

Thyroid:  not provided yet

DNA profil: verified parentage 

Genetic / DNA: MPS IIIB - clear by parentage (CBP), PRCD / DM / vWD1 - clear


Fluffy gene: FGF5 - GG (free)

Coat color traits:  EE / KBKB / atat / DD / BB (dominant black)

Complete genetic panel by:  Embark Vet (also incl. clear of MDR1, CMR1, vWD1, PLL, HUU etc.)


Sport / Tests: 

Geeno is relatively easy to handle. Although reserved at the first moment, after trusting you he is fully concentrated on you.  Learns easy, cooperates through food very good. Sometimes it takes a longer time to understand, but when he caught the point - he is over-happy with himself :D  He doesn't like to repeat too many times and loves anything I want to play with, toys or food. 

Let's see which way will be the best for us...



It is a pleasure to show Geenooo!

He is very attentive and concentrated on his handler. Geeno has a very nice expression and free stack: very compact body construction n angulation. But most impressive is he, when he is moving: a very sound movement, with the correct gait of both pairs of limbs.

Nowadays we are working on a table-stack ;) Xx and it worths!

Champion CZ - Champion CMKU - Junior Champion CZ (accomplished), Junior Club Champion CZ (accomplished) - 4x BOB - 2x BOS - 5x CACIB - National Winner - 2x CAC-ČMKU - 2x CAC-CZ - 4x CAC SK - Hungarian Puppy Grand Winner 

The Best Couple of the Specialty Show, Mladá Boleslav, CZ - 2022 (with Masha)

Reserve Best Puppy In Club Show, Mikulov, CZ - 2021


Geenooo is easy to motivate, smart, playful, and precious.  He Barks only when he wants something he cant get.  A little bit reserved n suspicious of foreigners until he gets any titbit (similar to his mom). Since he decides, he loves you - you will welcome you again n again even if disappear for 2 minutes :D He loves fruits n vegetables. 

Since puppy age, he loves to be wet. To swim. To jump in any water tank/pool. To catch water. To run outside when raining. He does not hunt cats, birds, or squirrels, unlike his mom. He hunts mouses and collects them dead in front of the door. :o) His play is rough, terrier-like.

Distinguishing mark: Bob-tail! :D

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