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Our Puppy Philosophy ...

Seven long years passed before we brought our first Schipperke ... Not because they wouldn't be available (there are a lot of puppies overthere!), but I simply wanted something more than just a black dog. At the end I got a recommendation from my finnish friends, so I finally could fly for our Masha to faraway Russia ...

  • We try to approach breeding honestly, openly and correctly.

  • We are the first and so far the only kennel in the Czech Republic, which voluntarily verifies the parentage of all puppies in the litter. Only in this way does the statement "clear by parentage" have a real value in genetically determined diseases.


Our females are unrelated to European lines, completely health checked in such an extent that is not quite common in our country - which includes: a complete examination of the joint system (hips, elbows, shoulders (OCD), spondy, patella), genetic examination on MPS-IIIB ( mucopolysaccharidosis - metabolic disease, type IIIB also known as San Filippo's syndrome, related to the breed), complete genetic panel performed at Embark (including colors, DM, MH and PRCD), regular checked  for hereditary eye deseases, regular examination of Thyroid function.


The studs are very carefully and long-term selected, we study their pedigrees, their ancestors and descendants (if any) and, if possible, we will visit in person. We try to make such a connection that would carry some legacy, whether it is an influx of completely new bloodlines or a linebreeding, or a reference to old, unknown lines in our area.


Our aim is to find a stud in the same type as our females are, who will balance the weak-points / faults of our females and confirm their merits; we try to find an equal health tested stud, and if not, we try to provide/pay at least for the non-invasive tests (DNA, eyes, patellas - whose testing is perhaps mandatory everywhere except the Czech Republic). The character of both potential partners is very important to us, we prefer selfconfident, but open and active dogs; and we try to avoid notoriously used studs, unless we feel that the breeding with our femalecould be interesting and beneficial. 

  • Show titles are not a priority or a condition! But sports are welcome!

  • We do not do the artificial insemination.

  • We do NOT dock the tails!

  • Our puppies are home-bred in our flat, within the normal household-traffic. We give them maximum care, love and time. We put strong emphasis on socialization and we try to prepare our puppies as much as possible to be ready for new homes.

  • All puppies have CMKU / FCI pedigrees. The production of puppies without proven origin is in conflict with breeding rules and does not even agree with our philosophy.

  • If the puppy goes abroad, the Export Certificate of Origin is a matter of course.

  • Puppies are several times dewormed (2nd, 4th, 8th and 12th week) using the Drontal Junior, resp. Drontal Plus treatment (for export).

  • All puppies are microchipped with quality Datamars microchips, and they leave equipped with an International Pet Passport.

  • Vaccination is performed exclusively with Nobivac Puppy vaccines, between the 7th and 8th week, and if the puppy has to stay longer due to the export abroad, he also completes revaccination and vaccination against rabies with us at 12 weeks and then is ready to travel after the next 21 days.

  • All puppies will undergo a clinical testing for hereditary eye deseases at a specialized ophthalmologist and will get a report on the result .

  • Puppies receive their own certified DNA profile and the parentage verification: confirmation that each is real offspring of the parents stated in their pedigree papers.

  • If we deem it appropriate / necessary (eg the stud dog could not be examined), we will do complete genetic profiles at Embark in all our puppies on our own costs. The breeder is responsible for his offspring and we want to pass on the maximum amount of information about their puppy to future owners.

  • De facto, the only expenses, except of feeding and other vaccinations, will be later only joint testing, ev. repeated eye testing - everything else is taken by the puppies from us : o)

  • We prefer to pick up your puppy in person!

For the easy new-home-beginning recieve pupies from us and our partners rich equipment: pellets (Orien, Platinum, RC-Starter), treats (Platinum, Nature Diet), wet-food cans (Platinum, RC-Starter), toys (Kong, Zoolux, Trixie), pet-bed, nutritional supplements (Geloren, Kelparen) and of course a puppy leash and a puppy collar. And last but not least, we also have some trifles given to the owners: o)

Our puppies are not set for puppy mills, resellers or dog traders. We are carefully looking for a forever home, so we are interested in how, where and with whom they will live, and we require permanent contact with the owners.

We do not produce puppies on a treadmill, we try to breathe a certain degree of exclusivity of origin and health in them, we value and respect the purposeful work of breeders of our dogs and we try to continue their legacy. The price corresponds to the quality of the puppy; gender - or natural bob-tail do not effect the value of the standard puppy.

  • We do not produce "show puppies", nevertheless they can fearless attend :o)

  • On the contrary, most of our puppies are very well prepared for various dog sports ;o)

  • We register reservations of interested persons and their wishes (for certain breeding, gender, or occassionally NBT; their plans of use) wthout any bindings before pregnancy / birth confirmed. We open n accept reservations only when the teeth are cut, the bite and testicles (presence n positio) are controllable, shortly when we can say whether it is a fully standard puppy, we see how it develops and how his personality is profiling. Thus, no non-refundable deposit for unborn or newborn puppies; o)

So if you are interested in a puppy from us, let us know. Don't ask how much it costs, but write about yourself, why you want a puppy from us and what are your plans. The more we find out about those interested, the better we can choose a suitable partner : o) We care a lot about them!!











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