Our Puppy Plans ...



►Our wish is to get one more litter from our beloved Masha. However she seems to love the sex only :/

►2021 a full-tail litter:   realized

After long and thorough thinking we decided to mate her to a full-tailed male.  We've chosen again an unrelated proven dog, with good health and open character: Mardeck's Enchanted Journey (aka Enzo). Enzo's lineage goes through old English bloodlines (Tarnhows, Schippland, Oakenall, Skipsgreen), to first dogs to be airfreighted from UK to New Zealand (Exmoor). This boy was planned for our Masha, but we used him to our Žlůťa. (see current litter C)

► Meanwhile you can follow our breeding philosophy or check how is our progeny doing :o) 

DAM: Leyu Sammy aka Mášenka, (US), *2015