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Geeno - Bamm-Bamm Alpha Nero - An Available Puppy Boy

Sire: Beadale This Is My Time, NBT (AUS)
Dam: Aero Alpha Nero, NHAT, CSAU (Revloch Ed Turner At Dencas x Leyu Sammy) 

Geeno is a boy who was born second in order, with a birth weight of 173gr and a naturally bob-tail, called NBT (has a wagging bob). He had an orange collar, so he was nicknamed "Orangeeno" - simply "Geeno".
Geeno is genetically completely healthy (PRCD / DM / vWD1-N / N), has a DNA profile with verified parentage, and underwent a clinical eye examination. All health reports are a natural part of the puppy, as well as separate proof that he is a carrier of the short-tailed gene.

Geeno is a very promising puppy with strong bones, with extremely nice angulation and correct position of all limbs, straight topline, and correctly expressed forechest; in motion with a sound and typical gait. Head of good proportions with a male expression, with a well-set ears and typically small, dark eyes. Scissor bite, milk teeth are currently being replaced.

In nature, Geeno is slightly calmer, though omniscient, attentive, at first wary of unknown things, but very quickly adaptable. After he accepts him, he likes to cooperate with a human and trusts him very much, he seeks his contact at home; outside he is not interested to take contact to anyone, sometimes wants to play to small dogs; he is playful, he loves squeezy toys. He likes to observe the surroundings, he is not looking for the company of other dogs (yet). He lives in the apartment, manages to walk on a leash, as well as on a Flexi, in the streets and in the park. He shows respect for very young children, so we prefer those without children. He doesn't like barking dogs too much. If he demands something he can't achieve right away, he tends to bark. Very good n attentive guardian.

Geeno is fully vaccinated, microchipped, with FCI pedigree and contract of purchase. Permanent contact with owners required. The price of this puppy boy corresponds to the value of his pedigree and to above mentioned over-standard health tests and the guarantee.
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