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3rd Czech Dog Puller Championships, 25.06.2022

Žlutinka loves puller very much. As soon as there is an opportunity to participate in an event (= we have time), we don't hesitate and go! This time it was the TOP competition, namely the 3rd Championship of the Czech Republic in Dog Puller 2022. A classic: Žluti totally unprepared, without training, but perfectly wrapped in dressing; on the spot, she behaved like a tough guy, everywhere and every hand in her pocket (one of ) surely meant a reward.

There was a competition again in the two disciplines of Running (I prefer that one - if the wind is not blowing and I manage to flip the field) and Jumping, which usually ends with the four-legged actress pissing herself off and deciding that she will never let it go again in her life... :) The weather was crazy, pouring like from a watering can, it was slippery for the dogs, but everything went well.

We tackled both disciplines with honor, but it didn't go without an exhibition: Running 2nd place - Zluťka had to steal time and once with a caught puller she didn't come back directly but went to check a rolling person (photographer) behind the field: What if she ate something? It's okay, it's a camera. I am coming back. Wait! There is a backpack by the fence, there could be something there! I'm going there! Still with the puller... Aaaah, mommy is hollering, I better get back or she won't play with me anymore. Well, I won't hide it: she set herself up for victory with her curiosity. The winning dog had 7 runs, Zlůťa only 6. But curiosity satisfied :DD

Jumping 3rd place - much to say. Exhibit No. 2: Most of the time she hung onto the puller and refused to let go. (for the uninitiated - the discipline consists of alternately catching both Pullers in a jump, the dog must catch the Puller when it has two or four paws above the ground, the handler must hold the Puller while biting, and the number of jumps and grabbing the puller in a time period of 90 seconds is counted).

Anyway, a great day spent with a group of great people with a swimming reward as a bonus. Yes, Geenooo was the accompanist :D

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