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CACIB Klagenfurt (A), 23.+24.07.2022

I have been going to Austrian dog shows for a long time, maybe since the end of the 90s of the last century. Before, there weren't two or three exhibitions, but there used to be club events at the international, so I liked to participate in ÖCBH (British Shepherd Club) events, and later also CCA (Chihuahua Club). We could only dream about the statistics, tactics used, CACA awards from IDS and club shows counted, who was when and where, and who could be, we secretly found out through acquaintances who were planning to go where - well, scary science! And what's more: exactly one year and a day for the champion title!! And before, the Austrians were seriously uncompromising...

Dog shows in Austria are always of a high standard. I don't mean the referee, but the surrounding. How the logo of the kennel club OEKV and its partner RC is everywhere. The fact that the start numbers are not sticky, but are on cardboard, again with the logo of OEKV and its partner RC, so they do not crumple and stay in the clip/pocket very well. The fact that they have had beautiful title cards on chalk paper for years. The fact that they give great medals for the CACIB, heavy, and different at each show, is connected only by the OEKV logo. The fact that behind the BOS and BOB are beautiful cockades (from Birdbrook, U.K.) made of shiny ribbon, actually plain, three rows (only), very tasteful, and again they are united by the OEKV logo on the ribbon. The fact that reviews are written. Online! In fact, you won't get anything in the circle, no plates, no unreadable paper... You get out of the circle and a new e-mail almost arrives in your inbox: sender OEKV - testimonials and diploma. All the same for all exhibitions. Anyone who wants to can have them printed at the exhibition office. Free of charge. Every exhibition is the same. Same pattern. Timing by breed. Everyone has their time. We are not at all used to shutter timing, apart from the beginning, which tends to be significantly shifted. Me, and the published list of exhibitors in advance!

For me, the Hungarian dog shows are in a similar spirit. They, on the other hand, have been sticking to their pre-printed narrow forms for recording the assessment for years. Damage. But they also give cards. And also on chalk paper. And they play the anthem before judging!

But simply Austrian critiques from the show ring directly to your e-mail are better than nothing, nothing at all. And what a cynological dwarf is Austria! You feel a sense of belonging and promotion of the roof organization OEKV. No competition between organizers. Unity and simplicity. And therein lies the power. Well, one thing bothers me: the sorting of dogs in the final competitions according to country of origin - then the Schipperke suddenly appears between the Beauceron and the Bouvier, or in front of them, behind the Belgian Shepherds :(...

And how was our Klagenfurt expedition 2022?

  • What we dreamed of:

Geenooo - start off for the Austrian champion title and to try to fight for the CACIB award from the third country from the intermediate class (against a dog from the champion class)

Žluti - move on and try to get a little closer to the Austrian champion (she's still piggy-condition)

  • What we have achieved:

Džinda (Bamm-Bamm Alpha Nero), intermedia class - CACA, CACIB, Cruft's '23 qual., BOB / CACA, CACIB, BOB, Alpensieger

Žlutinka (Aero Alpha Nero), champion class - CACA, CACIB, Cruft's '23 qual., BOS / CACA, CACIB, BOS, Alpensieger

Honorable judges were Mrs. Iris Urschitz / Mrs. Monika Blaha, both from Austria.

But absolutely bombastic is the Wörthersee lake, which is located right in Klagenfurt. We lived a few hundred meters from it and every day we went for a walk to the local "dog meadow with a large dog beach", where the dogs had a good time playing in the company of other dogs, small, large, fighting, and bed breeds. The only thing everyone was interested in was the water. It's a real blast there and I'm sure we'll be back there someday!

Under the line

Something funny always happens to me. This time, I almost took my female Žlutinka instead of the male (Geenooo) to the CACIB competition. Thank you to all the good people who pointed it out to me! :D

Reserved parking spaces for ladies (right next to the places for the disabled) As a female driver, it affected me a bit... On the other hand, no one will tell me that, right? So, in the end, it's a cake for me.

On the way to the lake, in addition to the Europarkgarten Klagenfurt, we also pass the Klagenfurt War Cemetery. The Europagarten is full of miniatures of major European buildings, but we will visit there next time :)

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