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Nationale d'Elevage, Aubigny sur Nere (F), 19. - 21. 08. 2022

The last summer event was the breed specialty Nationale Elevage in France. The French club show must be experienced. More than 100 (!!) Schipperkes of different types, shapes, and natures have been registered. We went with the modest goal of passing the CSAU basic character test with Geenooo (we succeeded) and exhibiting the next day. This is an exhibition where you don't go to win. An exhibition when even VG is of great value (yes, they record awards with NE or RE separately in pedigrees in France).

We enjoyed this event together with Dargo's grandson Bruno - Eros de Alphaville Bohemia! Bruno was the same success as Dargo was, so he passed CSAU n TAN (ChExc+), was placed in the working class aaaand was chosen as "suget recommandé" in the selection ring! Simply WoW!!!

Our setup was not entirely happy: Geenooo totally bald, Zlutina with "false pregnancy" and grazed after puppies, and Masha, the standard same, moody one :o ). Despite everything, however, I still had a good feeling, because - not knowing the relationships, connections, and ancestors of any dog, some competitors seemed to me to be from another dimension. In reality, from another dimension, we were us - for them. The staunch opponents of the American type are so fixated on their perfection that anything other than the Pinocchio type is "America". And yet, the only member with pure American ancestry in our team always eats the best awards :D We will definitely be back there sometime.

And maybe not only for the exhibition :P

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