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TrioCACIB Praha, 5.+6.+7.8.2022

  • Day one, 5.8.2022

Exhibition grounds within walking distance. Officially 24 minutes. However, with sniffing, peeing, pooping, and untangling the leashes, the time was extended by a minute every 100 m - in the end, about 38 minutes even with the red lights at the crossings. Yes, we walked. Yes, in the heat. Yes, with a (dog) carriage. My trick of taking the playpen with me turned out to be a piece of crap: The jean easily overcame it on the spot and hung around. Jaundice invented a jump with a bounce from the carriage... Another way out was to crawl under the carriage. Adrenaline experiences were ended by surrounding the stroller with a fence...

And now for our introduction: Geenooo was in the class with Nius; it's a shame, these dogs are more likely to fight each other for the cacib than to fight each other in the class and Žluti is alone in the champs, but in a double coat (and it's not fur at all).

Geenooo managed it wonderfully and won the class - CAC, later also CACIB. Žlutinka defeated herself in a tough fight - CAC and finished for res.CACIB. I'm happy, it was a challenging day... Thank you, judge Gabriela Ridarčíková, for the assessment. Congratulations to the winners!

They managed the journey through the sauna there and back perfectly, and they still had time to splash around in the duck, swim among the cyanobacteria and lick the poo in the field near the fairgrounds. Both! Good night!!

  • Day two, 6.8.2022 + Žluti's fourth birthday!

The journey to the exhibition center was quick, 28 minutes, even with winding, unraveling, and a red light at the crossing. But THERE! Perón lived up to his nickname in the first minutes when he simply jumped over the fence on a chair from the spot. No coincidence. Thoughtful escape! However, the goal was only the chair. Zlutinka fled more subtly, pretending to only look up, and for the fourth time, whoops, she was on the chair too. But! I found out that Žlutinka has an honest fake, in addition to fierce guarding of herself and her space, enlarged teats, I found dried milk in the fur at one of the upper glans... I peeled off part of it, soaked part of it... Brave ladybug, it had to be there pretty annoying. Geenooo won CAC and res.CACIB today, and the birthday girl Žluti CAC, CACIB, and BOS. And the referee Darko Drobnjak wished her a "happy birthday" (the one when he asked her age: she's exactly four today!). Three kudos to all the winners and three cheers for us. Thank you for your review!

  • Day three, 7.8.2022

Despite the morning rebellion and the attempted boycott, the third expedition towards PVA Letňany took place on foot. It was our turn to go earlier than the previous days, so I combined the morning walk directly with the trip. It was peaceful, the number of sniffs was standard, the number of tying of the leads was minimal, one playing section with a caught chestnut in its skin, in its prickly skin, sniffing at it, repeated catches, 2x fights for the prey and the final biting of the trophy by Zlutina, and therefore no longer interested.

In the hall, I found a place by the wall and built a fence so that Džinek could demonstrate to me about 5 times in a row that from a place of 60 cm without touching he gives the first good and Zlutina with a start to. I must say that I calculated that we would be back home by two. Our little realistic secret wishes simply did not expect to develop... And so it happened that Geenooo from the intermediate class won the CAC and CACIB and Žlutinka from the female champions too. Thanks, Je Lenka, for being there and for helping me with Perónka, and thanks for the super treat and for the insatiable Zlůťa! In the end, Žluti took home the BOB and Geenooo BOS, and so we stayed until the end, where, as expected, we received the trophy for the bobsled and ran away with the house.

Máša was walking towards us with a stick figure, the chubby girls didn't forget the welcome fight and Džínek, was happy about everything. We made it, hallelujah! I liked it there, for example, the info mini-brochures, tickets to the shutters, cockades with a wooden back, containers between the halls, bins everywhere at the entrance/exit, and written testimonials (I'm just wondering if there is a copy somewhere?), relatively space, tables in circles and green carpets (such a kraft color). Actually, I didn't even mind the heat. The assessment is evaluated by bigger scumbags than me, and the shortcomings by other experts. Regardless of the results, all three days in one word: great!

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